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Why Do 60% Of Employees Hate Compliance Training?


OK, so I get that that title begs a significant question, and I suppose there are employees in the world who don’t hate compliance training.  Not sure I’ve met many of them, but I’m sure there must be some…

Actually, we know there are some.  Last year, after surveying 100 compliance executives and 3,000 employees, the Corporate Executive Board reported that 32% of the employees said that the compliance training they had received held their attention through the whole course or courses.  39% said the training was relevant to their work, and 44% said that it was informative.  The CEB’s public blog summarizes these findings nicely.



What’s Marketing Got To Do With Compliance Awareness?

 Is “marketing” a crass, commercial word that shouldn’t be associated with compliance programs?

About ten years ago I started proselytizing in earnest about the lessons that compliance professionals needed to be taking from advertisers and marketers.  My slides used to say something like:

  • The second time consumers see an advertisement, the familiarity and believability of its claims increases by more than 30% from the first time they see the ad.
  • The third time they see the ad, its familiarity and believability increases by over 100% from the first time they saw it.
  • It takes between nine and 21 impressions before a consumer is ready to buy a product.



Why People Break The Rules: Behavior Change And Managing Compliance


Why do employees do things that violate the law or violate company policies?  There are a lot of reasons, some of which have to do with a failure to understand the rules and some of which are about willful violation. But fundamentally, employee behaviors follow the same rules that all animal behaviors follow – they are ultimately driven at the level of pleasure attainment and pain avoidance.


The Communicate Compliance Blog: What's It All About?


Last Friday morning I met with my team like I usually do, and we got all fired up like we usually do. I was mentioning a talk I gave in New York a few weeks ago at one of the Regional SCCE conferences where I had made a number of claims about why corporate employees engage in non-compliant behaviors – and how the right compliance communications can rapidly and radically change those behaviors.  The team was excited because we have committed this period of our life together to creating powerful tools to help compliance professionals do just that – dramatically change employee behavior and increase the effectiveness of their compliance programs – and ideas for new communications tools were flying.