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Build Your Unique Library Of Compliance Training Videos

Producing your own compliance training videos in-house requires considerable time and expertise, and is often prohibitively expensive. That’s why Compliance Wave Training offers a fast, cost-effective way to build world-class video Libraries that are aligned to your policies.

When you're a Member, our multimedia Libraries of more than 4,000 pieces of content is yours to completely customize or edit, and free of any Compliance Wave Training branding. To meet your organization’s needs, we offer, at a minimal cost, additional customization services for our Compliance Brief™ training videos:

  • Integrate your branding and contact information for effective communication with employees, suppliers and agents
  • Add custom animation sequences and narration
  • Save time by leaving video editing to our professional multimedia designers at a minimal c
  • Deploy your videos anywhere you need to reach your employees, such as your intranet, LMS or private YouTube channel


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Video Customization Options

Grab your employees’ attention, mitigate business risks and drive lasting change with Compliance Brief™ animations tailored specifically for your program. For a modest fee, these changes can be implemented by Compliance Wave Training's Production Team.

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Embed Your Logo

Make our famous Compliance Brief videosTM look like they’re built in-house. Simply send us your logo, and we’ll create a professional opening frame that seamlessly transitions into the video.

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Include Your Hotline Information

Your audience needs to know whom to contact for questions and reporting. We’ll create a custom closing frame for each compliance training video that includes information such as your hotline number, email address or department URLs, making the video more actionable for your audience.

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Custom Narration

We’re happy to contour video voiceovers to better align with your organization’s specific policies. (You may even add up to 15% more words.) Submit your edited script, and we’ll re-record the audio for your custom video.

custom animation
Custom Animation

For more extensive customizations, you may want to change the Compliance BriefTM animations themselves. We take your frame-by-frame storyboard edits and work them into freshly minted compliance training videos that reflect your vision.

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