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Brevity Tips For Compliance Professionals: If I’d Had More Time, I Would Have Written Less

My blog title (a misquote, by the way, and often misattributed at that*) is a frequent topic of conversation here at Compliance Wave. In fact, I heard this very phrase uttered less than 48 hours ago by the Chief Compliance Officer of a well-known children's hospital. And while it elicited a chuckle from both of us, as it always does, it's also remarkably on-point for how we communicate compliance policies.

For most of us, effective communication that is clear, impactful, and brief is hard. I mean really hard. Why is this so difficult – specifically in the realm of compliance communication? 



The First Step Toward FCPA Compliance: Stop FCPA Training Employees

OK, don’t flip out. I don’t mean that the way it sounds; I just said it that way so you’d read my blog which you’re doing. So you have to admit that it worked.

But, in another sense, I mean it quite literally. Here’s why: the other day, I saw yet another basic training presentation about the FCPA designed to educate employees about bribery. The presentation included the following sorts of facts: