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Why Do 60% Of Employees Hate Compliance Training?


OK, so I get that that title begs a significant question, and I suppose there are employees in the world who don’t hate compliance training.  Not sure I’ve met many of them, but I’m sure there must be some…

Actually, we know there are some.  Last year, after surveying 100 compliance executives and 3,000 employees, the Corporate Executive Board reported that 32% of the employees said that the compliance training they had received held their attention through the whole course or courses.  39% said the training was relevant to their work, and 44% said that it was informative.  The CEB’s public blog summarizes these findings nicely.

So what about the 60ish% who said that they did not like their training?  CEB concludes that results would be much better if the training were targeted to individuals based on their roles and if it were to simulate the scenarios that those specific employees would be likely to encounter in those roles.

Sure, that’s right; it would be much better if training were personalized that way.  It is also an aspiration that for most companies will not be achieved soon!  It requires a level of sophistication and expense to get to the point where role-based, risk-based, relevant training for all is a viable reality.

So what do we do in the meantime?  The fact is that much of employee displeasure is a function of training fatigue; long, high-bandwidth, intrusive assignments coming through your learning management system are frustrating for everyone, and you can easily combat this.

Move to a communication plan that includes more multiple, quick touches and fewer long training courses.  Repeat key messages through bursts of information using lots of different kinds of tools.  Touch people frequently in ways that require only small amounts of attention and don’t disrupt their day.  Save the long training courses for the biggest risks.  If they come less frequently, people will hate them less.


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