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3 Ways to Track Compliance and Ethics Training without an LMS

Every moment I spend with Compliance Wave Members is an incredible learning opportunity. Once a company comes into Membership, I schedule a quick call to understand more about the ways these organizations communicate, get a feeling for their goals and desires for their programs, and offer up best practices and tools from our Library that I believe can start making a difference.

I always kick off these intro calls with a question: How are you currently communicating with your audience? There are so many ways to reach your employees, third parties, etc. – identifying your distribution channels and “meeting people where they are,” are both key, and something I always like to discuss early on. But what comes after you’ve identified your channels? How can you see if you've touched those employees or cut through the noise of their other communications?

These questions get harder if you are not using an LMS (or have one that you’ve struggled to use). Below are my top three alternative tracking methods, in no particular order, that current Compliance Wave Members often use as a way to report on more than just SCORM completions.