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When you become a Compliance Wave Training Member, you join a select group of worldwide organizations that come to Compliance Wave Training to help them create effective compliance training and communication programs.

Libraries, Compliance Training Tools & Features.

  • 4,000+ pieces of expert content.
  • Coverage of 100+ topics to address your ethics & compliance needs.
  • Easily customizable content.
  • Tools are available in more than 50 languages.
  • Used by leading organizations around the world.
  • No IT help needed.
  • Works with or without an existing LMS, e-learning platform or delivery system
  • Simple pricing model.



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Customizable Code of Conduct Module

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Compliance Wave Training’s new Code of Conduct training module delivers your required annual Code training in our signature microlearning whiteboard format. Now you can send out an engaging yearly Code of Conduct certification training and on-going compliance communication with Compliance Wave Training.
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  • Short form (15-20 minutes) - Code of Conduct Training Module with Code Certification

  • Includes: Introduction to Your Code of Conduct; three code topics (of your choosing); learning assessments; information on reporting misconduct; a message from your leadership; and employee code certification

  • Provided as a SCORM module for hosting on your Learning Management System


  • Unique, Self-Service Customization Process! Fully customizable, including branding, text, QA, etc.

  • Features engaging and effective animations -- also customizable

  • Updated annually to focus on relevant code of conduct topics and to create a fresh experience for employees

  • Ability to translate into virtually any language

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Member, you always have unlimited access to our growing Libraries of more than 4,000 pieces of engaging, effective content – from videos and cartoons to articles, case studies and training presentations.

Yes. Our multimedia Libraries are always growing and continuously updated with new content curated by subject-matter experts. Feel free to contact us any time with your content needs and feedback.

Once you become a Member, we provide instant access and a free, facilitated on-boarding session that helps you launch an effective compliance communication program right away. Membership includes unlimited, ongoing support by your named member engagement manager with no additional fees or charges.

Isolated pieces of content simply aren’t effective – both in terms of driving change and keeping up with your company’s evolving needs. That’s why Compliance Wave Training offers comprehensive compliance training and communications solutions that use repetition, pattern interruption and other principles based on behavior change-science to align your learners.

Our solution allows your program to evolve, expanding to cover new topics as they arise. Compliance Wave Training makes it easy to adopt other modes of communication and engagement, all with no additional fees, change orders or administrative effort. 

To drive lasting change, you need more than one-time training sessions – you need a communication strategy that engages and educates your employees. With Compliance Wave Training, you’ll see how easy it is to create multiple channels of compliance content that keep vital issues at the forefront on a daily basis. 

A Global Premium Membership helps your compliance team communicate throughout the world, with content in English and over 50 other languages. Additional translation services are available for 100+ languages.

No. With Compliance Wave Training’s user friendly tools, you’re able to start sharing content right away. You don’t need special software, lots of help from your IT department or complex training. At the same time, our tools are compatible with any LMS, e-learning or content delivery system you may have.

We offer tools and features for nearly every learning style: from cartoons and articles to case studies and training modules. Our multimedia Libraries help you communicate at regular intervals with compliance content that’s short, engaging and entertaining.

Absolutely. Every organization has unique compliance needs, so we make each of our 3,000 pieces of content yours to completely customize or edit, and completely free of any Compliance Wave Training branding.

Adjust for tone. Adjust for policy nuances. Add your branding, visuals and specific workplace examples. Our tools exist to help you make your communication program outstanding.

We offer tools and features for nearly every learning style: from cartoons and articles to case studies and training modules. Our multimedia Library helps you communicate at regular intervals with compliance content that’s short, engaging and entertaining.


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