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Embracing The New Reality In Code Of Conduct And Compliance Training

For most companies with more than a couple of hundred employees, the early to mid-2000s saw the emergence of a new direction in Code of Conduct and compliance training. Whereas this training had been almost entirely conducted in person, companies were adopting an asynchronous learning model that was either partially or completely computer-based.

More than a decade later, computer-based-training (CBT) still offers many benefits, but today’s compliance professionals need to understand the potential drawbacks that have become more apparent – and how to overcome those issues.



5 Simple Strategies For More Engaging Compliance Training

Do you worry that your compliance training has grown stale? Have your employees become weary of the same old messages delivered in a predictable way? Perhaps you wish you could dramatically impact prevailing attitudes and behaviors but you’re just not sure how.

If so, here are five simple strategies that may prove helpful.



Managing Risk: Why Annual Compliance Training Isn’t Enough

Employees often go into their annual compliance training with the expectation that the sessions will be both dull and irrelevant to them. They might have trouble imagining that they could ever be in a difficult situation or that what they might naturally do could be at odds with what’s right. Unfortunately, annual compliance training events tend to reinforce these low expectations.

More and more compliance and ethics professionals are realizing it’s important to supplement compliance training with at least some type of short-form communication. To use these short, frequent communications effectively, it’s helpful to understand why annual training events fall short.



3 Pitfalls To Avoid For More Engaging Compliance Training

Making compliance training more engaging has clear benefits for compliance professionals, employees and the organization as a whole. The question is: How do you make training more enjoyable as well as more effective in reducing business risks?



Compliance Resources Putting People To Sleep? Why You Need Short Videos

Even the most conscientious employee may struggle to stay awake during a 40-minute e-learning session on your company’s bribery policy – especially on a Friday afternoon, right after lunch. It’s no wonder why many compliance professionals are adding video to their compliance resources.

Videos that merely distract or entertain employees, however, probably won’t accomplish much in terms of creating a culture of compliant behavior. In this article, we’ll explore why video works, and when and how you should use it.