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Compliance Wave Joins Steele Compliance Solutions

It is a pleasure and a great privilege to bring Compliance Wave into the Steele Compliance Solutions family! Sincere thanks to the many incredible compliance professionals who have participated in our vision of what compliance training can be, and have made this possible. This move will mean great things for Compliance Wave Members and Steele clients alike.



If You Love Them, Remind Them About Compliance

Three and a half weeks ago, my Sunday afternoon started beautifully.  The sun was out and my family and some friends found a softball field in a town park and took it over.  My team was at bat.  We weren’t winning yet, but we were going to be.  There was one out, I was on 3rd prepared to score the tying run, and my daughter hit a grounder straight to her sister, the pitcher.  She saw me running at top speed toward home (top speed for me maybe isn’t that fast, but it was my top speed, nonetheless), and she moved to the plate to tag me out.



Passionate about Compliance Communications & Training: When Did that Happen?

9/13/16: When you’re new to any profession, one of the first things you learn to say about yourself is that you’re passionate about your work. Sell office equipment? You’repassionate about implementing systems that make professional environments more efficient! Teach school? You’re passionate about molding young minds and watching new ideas come to life in the eyes of a child! Wait tables? You’repassionate about providing extraordinary customer service!

Given the choice between hiring two people, who would hire the guy that is merely highly competent when offered the option to hire someone that is absolutely passionate?



Engaging Compliance Training At The Generali Group: A Success Story

Tired of hearing constant complaints that everyone hates compliance training? This doesn’t have to be confined to a single, dull event that staff members dread. There are compliance professionals around the world who are supplementing annual training efforts with bite-size chunks of multi-channel, multi-modal communication for more effective results.

Martin Callaghan from The Generali Group is one of them. Responsible for overcoming one of the largest problems faced by compliance professionals, Martin must enable the company to engage many employees across numerous regions in order to ensure global compliance. The Generali Group, which is headquartered in Italy and has operations in over 60 countries, has successfully met this challenge with Compliance Wave’s communication tools.

This is Martin’s story.



Navigating The Office Politics Of A New Code Of Conduct

You’ve been receiving emails from staff members asking for clarification on basic principles in your current Code of Conduct. An alarming number of anonymous reports are being filed saying corporate compliance isn’t being followed. And far too many employees at your company are involved in risky practices without malicious intent.

As a compliance professional, you recognize the need for a newly written and released Code of Conduct. It’s necessary to have a clear philosophy on what the Code will be, but if this vision is not shared by others in your company, your Code writing project is unlikely to succeed.