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Engaging Compliance Training At The Generali Group: A Success Story


Tired of hearing constant complaints that everyone hates compliance training? This doesn’t have to be confined to a single, dull event that staff members dread. There are compliance professionals around the world who are supplementing annual training efforts with bite-size chunks of multi-channel, multi-modal communication for more effective results.

Martin Callaghan from The Generali Group is one of them. Responsible for overcoming one of the largest problems faced by compliance professionals, Martin must enable the company to engage many employees across numerous regions in order to ensure global compliance. The Generali Group, which is headquartered in Italy and has operations in over 60 countries, has successfully met this challenge with Compliance Wave’s communication tools.

This is Martin’s story.

Assessing The Current Membership

As Head of Business Integrity and Group Compliance for The Generali Group, Martin was lucky enough to be in a better situation than most: His predecessor had already experienced the struggles of boring compliance communication and brought Compliance Wave in to help. Even so, Martin did his own research to determine whether staying on as a Member was worth it.

Upon taking over, Martin evaluated Compliance Wave with a pilot program using the brief cartoon videos before deciding to renew the subscription and broaden access to their global compliance network. Compliance Wave’s fun yet informative sessions won him over to roll out globally.

Realizing That Positive Feedback IS Possible

Martin says his team has received a lot of positive feedback on the brief cartoon videos they use for compliance training. “They are far more engaging than previous communications media and cover all the key topics. We tailor them to our needs with local audio in five languages and plan to extend this further.”

Facing Global Compliance Challenges

Compliance Wave offers translated tools to help ease the burdens that Members like Martin feel. All Compliance Wave videos are translated by native speakers, with particular attention placed on the tone, nuances and colloquialisms of other cultures and regions, as opposed to simply placing scripts through a web-based translation program. This is just one way a global compliance program achieves personalization for a satellite office’s staff members.

In Martin’s own words, “A further great benefit has been the ability for our global compliance network to access the Library of resources and tailor various elements to meet their local needs.”

Next Up: Code Of Conduct Overhaul

Our Members are always looking at their existing channels of communication to see where their company can benefit the most, and Martin is no different. Martin and his company have experienced such positive results and employee feedback from the resources provided by Compliance Wave that they’re ready to expand and incorporate more supplemental training.

“Looking ahead, we are planning to replace our Code of Conduct e-learning with a modular e-learning suite based on the brief cartoon videos.”

Now that Martin has gained momentum from smaller initiatives, his larger initiative of revamping the company’s Code of Conduct training will be less burdensome, especially since he knows he has the support of Compliance Wave.

Compliance Communications That Meet Unique Needs

Martin is just one of the many Members who have supplied positive feedback. He reports that the engaging cartoon style and brief modules, coupled with the ability to customize to your own terminology, provide a flexible resource for use across his global compliance program – but that’s only a fraction of the benefits Compliance Wave offers.

Compliance Wave helps you understand which communication channels are the most effective for your audience based on their specific needs. Are they in a remote area with little to no Internet access? If so, you probably shouldn’t email them a newsletter, but rather use display posters and brochures in the office space. Are your staff members inundated with emails? Try hosting a live event in the cafeteria once per quarter to get your program off the screen and into real life.

Martin has found the supplemental compliance training tools that work best for Generali, and you can find the right fit for your organization, too.

Ready to engage and empower your employees with a dynamic compliance communication plan? Download our free report, “5 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Compliance Communications.”

Engaging Compliance Training At The Generali Group: A Success Story

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