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Price-Fixing Tuna


12/31/19: “Global companies are paying greater attention to criminal antitrust risks,” writes Michael Volkov on Corruption, Crime and Compliance, with particular attention paid to the US’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. But, how big a risk is a global criminal antitrust investigation?

Big – and not just for companies. Last month a federal jury found Bumble Bee Foods’ CEO Chris Lischewski guilty of his role in a price-fixing conspiracy with competitors Star-Kist and Chicken of the Sea about the price of canned tuna. Now, there are some decent canned comments that could apply to the case, but while Star-Kist and Chicken of the Sea settled their cases, accepted large fines and gained leniency from DOJ, Lischewski faces ten years in prison. No joke in that...

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Price-Fixing Tuna

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