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Lockdown Creates New Compliance Risks


6/15/20: The lockdown may be easing in some places.  Although some people are flocking to public eating and entertainment venues, a surprisingly large number are staying at home, not only for entertainment but also for work.  In fact, there’s good evidence that many employees will not return to their offices for some time, often at the direction of their employers....

So, if a business’ workforce now follows different working rules, how will those new work patterns affect a company’s compliance and culture? Lloydette Bai-Marrow, a former Principal Investigative Reporter for the UK Serious Fraud office, addresses some of those challenges in an article published on The FCPA Blog. Noting, “Employees working from home create a new risk profile in at least three distinct but simultaneous ways …” Bia-Marrow goes on to explain those three distinct areas and how they are changing the familiar risk profile for business....

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Lockdown Creates New Compliance Risks

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