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From Sustainability to Anti-Corruption


2/25/19:  “Multinational companies need to take a more active role in influencing supplier integrity via procurement processes enforced across their value chains,” writes Alison Taylor on the blog of BSR™, a global organization of more than 250 companies and other partners joined in the goal of achieving a more sustainable, just world. If BSR’s mission sounds un-achievable to some, Taylor’s post argues otherwise...  

Based on extensive research conducted under the auspices of the UK’s Business Integrity Hub, Taylor offers practical insight into some of the barriers faced by small and medium sized businesses (an inevitable part of the supply chain on which multinationals rely) in tackling corruption and bribery. The post points to the need for multinationals to expand the sustainability programs many have implemented for their suppliers to include anti-corruption components..

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From Sustainability to Anti-Corruption

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