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Compliance Wave Expands Their Microleaning Libraries for 2019


1/2/19: The new year is here, and we have been very busy here at Compliance Wave creating an array of new additions for our Compliance Libraries. We are proud to keep expanding and providing the largest microlearning compliance libraries to Fortune 500 companies and other enterprises alike on a global scale.  Compliance Wave's Libraries now reach over 3 million employees worldwide.

"We are excited to be expanding the Compliance Wave Mircolearning Libraries." says Compliance Wave Managing Director, Joel Rogers,  "Microlearning is engaging, effective, and current. Our expansion is driven by our client requests and it indicates that companies are ready to transition from the old, boring compliance training  model to one that meet the needs of today's workforce."

To learn more about what is coming to The Compliance Wave Libraries in 2019, download or view our 2019 Roadmap by clicking link below. The Roadmap details each topic, new specialized libraries, training tracks and more that you should be taking advantage of in the new year. 

View the 2019 Roadmap to See What's Coming

Compliance Wave 2019 Roadmap

Compliance Wave Expands Their Microleaning Libraries for 2019

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