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New Guidance from UK’s Serious Fraud Office

11/2/20: The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has released a chapter from its handbook that, according to the agency, “… offers comprehensive guidance on how we approach Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), and how we engage with companies where a DPA is a prospective outcome.” Lisa Osodsky, director of the SFO, explained that the guidance is the outcome of six years’ work to establish best practice and transparency for what the SFO expects of companies seeking to resolve issues through a DFA settlement.



A Winning Pathway for Corporate Culture in the Era of COVID-19

11/2/20: The common assumption might be that corporate culture would take a back seat to more urgent challenges as corporate leadership and employees struggle with the “new normal” landscape created by the pandemic. Yet, according to an article by Donald Sull and Charles Sull posted on, “At first glance, you might expect COVID-19 to be a disaster for corporate culture.” Yet, their analysis of 1.4 million employee-written reviews “… tells a very different story.” A good article and hopeful news for employers and employees.



Is Gender Equality a Reality at the Top?

11/2/20: Companies routinely commit to gender equality, whether in wages or in representation in leadership roles in the organization. So, has that commitment become closer to reality in most companies?

An article by Swarnodeep Homroy and Shibashish Mukherjee posted on the CLS Blue Sky Blog drills into the question of whether regulator actions and corporate policies have made much difference. They look specifically at the gender pay gap and what they call the “representation gap” in different industries, locations and even at different levels within individual companies.



Thinking About Bugs in The Office

10/5/20: Don’t laugh too fast. These bugs are the vulnerabilities in technology that can bring companies to their knees. The answer isn’t bug spray; it’s a bug bounty program. A recent post by Harry Cassin on The FCPA Blog asked, “Are Bug Bounty Programs the Next Big Thing in Compliance?”

His post goes through what they are including pointing out such sobering hacks and breaches as those at Yahoo and Equifax, how they work, and why they matter to compliance pros. As usual, Cassin’s post is succinct with several links to additional information.



Five Countries’ Stands Against COVID-19

10/5/20: It is hard not to get caught up in what our host country is doing or saying or even avoiding as we all grapple with the risks and ramifications of responding to the pandemic. The international law firm Globalaw has published an article entitled “Business Ethics during COVID-19" on its website. The article, which features the work of multiple authors from the firm, highlights the approach taken in five different countries or jurisdictions: Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, the UK and the US.