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6 Communication Channels That Enhance Your Compliance Program


effective compliance program distribution channels infographicIf I’ve learned anything since joining the Compliance Wave team, it’s that communicating our message is the most important part of everything we do. We want to provide our Members (past, present, and future) with effective resources, best practices, and industry relevant news. We strive to maintain a balance between our global reach capabilities and our friendly, approachable tone. How do we manage this as we connect with hundreds of different organizations and millions of individuals around the world? We know the best way to engage our complex audience is to make sure we’re ubiquitous in our communications, both in the content we provide and in the communication channels we use to provide it.  


The same philosophy holds true for C&E professionals as they construct a truly effective compliance communication program; the Holy Grail is understanding what to communicate and how to communicate it in order to maximize engagement and effectiveness. The more varied your content and channels are, the more people will connect with your compliance program in a meaningful, engaging way. This helpful infographic illustrates some of the key ways you can reach your audience – large or small – while taking advantage of the many distribution channels that are available to you. 

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