Microlearning is Transforming
Compliance Training

Is your program ready?

With competing demands for their attention, limited seat time, and the aversion many employees already have toward compliance training, the long, boring approach just isn't cutting it anymore. 


“94% of learners prefer modules under 10 minutes,
and 65% believe online learning
modules contain too much information” 

–Rapid Learning Institute

The world has changed.  While compliance risks increase, attention spans keep shrinking.  Today's learners expect bite-sized alternatives to long-winded, legalistic training.  Those who get this wrong can get huge chunks of their whole program wrong. 

Steele Compliance Wave has the content you need:   

  • 4,000+ microlearning & communications tools: courses, videos, print, and much, much more
  • 100+ topics
  • 50+ Global translations 
  • One simple price, no software to wrestle with, and unlimited support

Take your first step toward the future by requesting demo of our Libraries with one of our microlearning experts today.