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When you become a Compliance Wave Member, we provide a simple solution for one price, with unlimited access to 3000+ tools and resources. 

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A person must be exposed to a message 9-21 times for it to impact their behavior.

Compliance Wave’s Scientific Approach To Behavior Change

We combine expert content with behavior-change science to help you make a powerful connection with your audience, impacting their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our Micro Learning & Communications system uses repetition, pattern interruption and other behavior-science principles to align your employees, agents and other third parties.

Driving Ethical And Compliant Behavior

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Compliance Resources For Your Global Workforce

Organizations with a global presence need an effective compliance program that reduces business risk. Language and cultural differences present serious challenges for effective compliance communication.

Overcoming Global Communication Obstacles


Materials in over 30 languages simplify the task of engaging employees and third parties around the world.

“Compliance Wave is really helping us break new ground here at BMS.”

Wanda Miller, Associate Director of Compliance Education and Communication, Bristol Myers Squibb

A Simple Solution

When you become a Compliance Wave Member, we provide a simple solution for one price, with unlimited access to 3,000+ tools and resources.

One Price For Everything

As a Member, you receive unlimited access to our evolving Library of over 3,000 tools and features curated by subject-matter experts.

  • No change orders or ongoing hassle as your needs evolve
  • Maximize value by expanding your compliance efforts to your entire supply chain
  • Access to best practices, customization tips and other resources

Make Our Content Yours

Simply pick a piece of content, customize it to your specific organizational needs and send it out.

  • Content is yours to use and modify
  • Customize content with your own branding, visuals and examples
  • Convey nuances of your company’s tone and policies with editable text

Unlimited Support

We provide a facilitated onboarding session to help you start using our resources right away – and that’s just the beginning.

  • Unlimited, ongoing support with no additional fees or charges
  • Designated Member Engagement Manager for day-to-day needs
  • Contact us any time with your content needs and feedback

Become A Member Today, Start Communicating Tomorrow

Our user-friendly tools make it quick and easy to enhance your corporate compliance program with content tailored to your unique needs.

  • No more wasted time developing resources
  • No special software, IT or complex training
  • Compatible with all e-learning or other communications systems