Speaker: Ejehan Turker

Company: NuVasive

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring NuVasive's Ejehan Turker discussing the steps she and her compliance team took to modernize their training with frequent, short burst, microlearning.

Hear the strategy they took, get a look at some of the innovative tools that have helped them with their success, and get access to preview the tools yourself.  

What You Can Expect:

  • Hear how NuVasive’s compliance team implemented microlearning and the benefits it brought.

  • Learn how microlearning opened new avenues to deliver training through multiple channels.

  • Hear how NuVasive leveraged a role-specific content strategy that drove communication effectiveness.

  • Get a look at interactive microlearning modules NuVasive is using to train its employees.
July 20 VOH Webinar OD Form Image